Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat

We offer Yoga teachers the opportunity to host an inspiring Yoga retreat, without endless hours of work, stress and worry. Our team takes care of all the logistics and planning, allowing you to focus on your teaching and being present with your students.
Your very own retreat manager, an exotic location and a  pre designed mutualy agreed upon retreat package that we tailor to suit your desires.

Accommodation at Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat, Sri Lanka features three kinds of settings; Seven garden cabanas, Seven Beach Cabanas and Two villas. Each of these are set within their own private enclosures amidst beautiful natural surroundings, individually landscaped for each property, with an open air bathroom and toilet to make you one with nature. The gentle rustling of the palm fronds amid soft golden rays together with the feel of the ocean sand beneath your feet will awaken your mind to a feeling of blissful relaxation, that can only be found at Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat, one of the best resorts in Alankuda, Sri Lanka.

Garden Villas

Nature’s bounty surrounding you here at Bar Reef Resort Kalpitiya , you’ll feel beautifully ensconced in this villa’s expansive private surrounding…

Beach Cabanas

The Beach Cabanas are the perfect place for people who would like to revert to mother nature and feel a million miles