Hosting Terms

Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat

The General Terms and Conditions apply to any retreat or guest or host attending or not-attending a retreat with Alankuda Beach Retreat. By participating in a retreat, the guest, teacher or team member of the host agrees to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions. Alankuda Beach Retreat may amend these General Terms and Conditions at any point in time. The most recent version is listed on their website, and an announcement will be made via email if there are any amendments to these Terms and Conditions.

1. Retreat Participant Policy

1.1 Retreat price

The price for a retreat is found on the Alankuda Beach Retreat website. If a participant would like to pay in their local currency, Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat requests the participant contact their customer service for a quote in one of the following currencies; EUR, GBP, AUD, USD & NZD.

1.2 Retreat participant deposit

A non-refundable deposit will secure the participant seat.

1.3 Early bird full payment

The participant is required to pay in full 120 days before the retreat start date shown on their website to receive the early bird rate.

1.4 Standard payment

The standard rate will apply if the participant pays in full 119 days or less from the retreat.

1.5 Payment plans

Monthly payment plans are available. AB will issue the participant an online invoice on the first of every month until the full payment is complete. The participant is required to email the accounts team to set up a monthly payment plan

1.6 Bookings close

All retreat bookings close 21 days before the retreat starting date.

1.7 Payment options

Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat accepts Mastercard, Visa card or Credit card. Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat also accepts bank transfers.

2. Hosting a retreat policy

2.1 Retreat host requirements

For a yoga teacher to be able to schedule a retreat with Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat, He/She is required to hold a minimum of 200 hrs (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification by Yoga Alliance. He/She must gather a group of 10 – 24 participants and work collectively with the Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat team to run a successful Yoga Retreat.

2.2 Scheduling a retreat

For a yoga teacher wanting to host a retreat, Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat requires a minimum of ten non-refundable participant deposits and one refundable host deposit. The 11 deposits will secure the discussed dates and start the pre-retreat organization. Please note* The host deposit is refunded on the last day of the retreat if the host meets the requirements.

2.3 The rescheduling of a Creating Space Yoga Retreat

If Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat or the host reschedules a retreat for any reason, each participant will receive a credit note to the full amount.

2.4 Host profit

On the last day of the retreat, Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat transfers the total profit to the host’s business account. A confirmation of the total amount received must be confirmed via email no later than 14 days after the retreat.

2.5 Retreat minimum bookings

For the retreat to proceed, the host is required to have a minimum of 8 participant bookings.

2.6 Retreat maximum bookings

Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat retreat capacity is 20 participants.

2.7 Complimentary Retreat

The host will receive a complimentary retreat for a group between 10 – 20 participants

3. Cancellation policy

3.1 Cancellation policy for a participating guest

Cancellation of a retreat leads to the loss of any funds paid, plus the administrative fees and bank fees. Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat offers participants the option to rebook a future retreat to the value of the cancelled retreat. The credit note expires within 365 days after the purchase date.

3.2 Cancellation policy for a retreat host

If the host cancels a retreat, all payments made by the participant will be reimbursed. However, the host will not be refunded their paid deposit.

3.3 The cancellation of a Creating Space Yoga Retreat

If Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat cancels the retreat for any reason, the full amount paid will be reimbursed seven days after the cancellation.

4. Travel insurance, travel documents and immunizations policy

4.1 Travel insurance

Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat requires all participants to purchase travel insurance on the same day as the retreat payment.

4.2 Travel documents and immunizations

Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat advises each participant and host to obtain all required travel documents including Visas, Passport and any other documents noted. Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat provides all necessary pre-retreat documentation per participant sent via email. It is the participant’s responsibility to visit the travel doctor five months before the retreat, to ensure the traveller has the correct immunizations.

5. Release and Waiver of Liability and privacy policy

5.1 By making a payment to Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat business account, the participant fully understands, has read and agrees to the booking terms and conditions.

5.2 The participant accepts all risks and hereby indemnify and release Alankuda Beach Resort, the trip leader, their agent(s) affiliations, sponsors, promoters and any person or body directly and indirectly associated with the Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat, against all liability (including liability for their negligence and the negligence of others directly or indirectly associated with Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat) claims, demands and proceedings arising out of or connected with my participation in this activity.

5.3 The participant accepts that Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat, the trip leader and/or other staff are not liable for lost or stolen property.

5.4 The participant acknowledges that participating in the retreat may involve a risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including but not limited to: overexertion, dehydration, accidents, food, animals, people and the surroundings.

5.5 The participant attests that He or She is physically fit to participate safely in the retreat and that a qualified medical practitioner has not advised otherwise.

5.6 The participant is not aware of any medical condition, injury or impairment that will be detrimental to their health if He or She participates in the retreat. If the participant becomes aware of any medical condition, injury or impairment that may be detrimental to their health, the participant will inform the trip leader and/or staff will be immediately informed. By continuing to participate in this retreat, the participant accepts the risks despite these conditions and still, and will always be under the terms of this agreement.

5.7 The participant acknowledges this retreat includes accommodation of hotel. The traveller accepts to stay at these types of accommodation at their own risk.

5.8 The participant acknowledges that photographs and/or videos will be taken during the retreat.

5.9 The participant accepts that any photographs and/or videos taken during the retreat may be used on social media or for the marketing of Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat.

5.10 The participant certifies that He or She is 18 years or older and has read this document and fully understands it. OR, as a parent or guardian of the participant, agree to the above for the participant and on behalf of the participant.


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