Activities & Excursions

Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat

Free Activities

The following activities are free to guests who attend Yoga and Meditation, Yoga and Excursions and Yoga and Ayurveda retreats organized by Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat.

Dolphin Watching

Available November to April

Spinner dolphins are the most common sightings and the most spectacular as they  engage in acrobatic leaps out of the water. Whilst airborne they rotate along their longitudinal axis – hence their name spinner  dolphins.


Available with In-house Teacher

Expand the ability of your brain and come to health and happiness by means of exercises, meditation and managing your  energy. 


Available throughout the year

The resort offer bicycles free of charge for you to roam freely and do your own exploring of the area.   The Alankuda peninsula is largely a fishing and farming community. Explore the surroundings on two wheels at your own pace  and glean an insight into the traditional way of life of these communities.


Available November to April

The calm seas during November to April provide an excellent opportunity even for  beginners to try their hand at Kayaking.


In-house doctor available

A  qualified ayurveda doctor is at hand to help you with your treatments. Please consult the doctor and make your appointments  accordingly. Consultation is free of charge. 

Other Activities

Whale Watching

Available November to April

Several types of whales regularly visit the waters off the Alankuda coastline. The continental shelf comes in close to Alankuda  Beach and therefore traveling far out into the open seas is not necessary. The largest of the whales, the Blue Whale, can be seen  surfacing from time to time particularly when they come inshore to feed just 3.5 km from the shoreline between Norochcholai  and Talawila, directly in front of our resort


Available with In-house Teacher

Kitesurfing is available throughout the year in Alankuda; however wind conditions are best between May and October. Peak wind  conditions are from June to August. Free transport is provided to the flat water kite spots located 25 kms away or a 30 minute  drive from the resort.  


Available throughout the year

In close proximity to our Resort and within half an hour by boat the Talawila Reef is located in front of St. Anne’s Church. It is a  worthwhile experience if you do not want to endure the longer journey by boat to the Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary. Snorkeling at  depths of 7-20 feet, mostly flat bed coral, is recommended for novice and amateur snorkelers and makes for a great family  outing.

Stand-up Paddle Board

Available November to April

The calm seas during November to April provide an excellent opportunity even for  beginners to try their hand at Stand-up Paddle Boarding.

Scuba Diving

In-house doctor available

All dives are led by a PADI Divemaster or instructor.


Wilpattu National Park

Perfect for dedicated safari goers who enjoy reconnecting with nature and feeling a part of the wilderness. Bird enthusiasts will  love the impressive array of resident and migratory birdlife. Leopard, Elephant, Sloth Bear, Deer, Boar, Crocodile, Monitor and  many more animals can be spotted here. Wilpattu Park can be accessed throughout the year and is considered to have one of the  highest densities of Leopard (​Panthera pardus kotiya) ​in the world. 

Lagoon Tour

For nature lovers, young and old, the time spent on the boat will provide a delightful insight into the varied life in the Lagoon.  One can have a closer look at the diversity of flora, fauna, birds and other creatures endemic to the area which make the Lagoon  their habitat.  

Anawilundawa Sanctuary

Anawilundawa is a RAMSAR site and bird sanctuary located one hour from Alankuda. It consists of seven connected man-made  tanks constructed in the 12th century AD and is located on the western migratory bird route. This man-made wetland is a haven  for birdlife and the sanctuary is renowned for its beautiful surroundings and pelagic birds.


The ancient Sri Lankan civilization and its remnant ruins of the great cities that once flourished will fascinate you and are  nothing short of staggering. The ancient city of Anuradhapura is the main town that encompasses the Cultural Triangle of Sri  Lanka.  

Dutch Fort & Church

Located in Kalpitiya town and 25 kilometers beyond Alankuda, parallel to the mainland, the Dutch Fort of Kalpitiya was built in  1667, on the spot where the Portuguese had a stockade and a Jesuit chapel.