Garden Villas

Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat

Nature’s bounty surrounding you here at Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat, you’ll feel beautifully ensconced in this villa’s expansive private surroundings. You’re sure to fall in love with Samara – with two bedrooms and numerous sofas that can be converted into beds, this villa is one of our best for sleeping families, big groupings and gatherings of friends.
And Thala Villa consists of two charming bedrooms, each with tropical garden showers and lots of room for sleeping a heap of friends or a gaggle of relatives makes Thala Villa an unashamedly fab pick for big groups and mini parties or a decadent treat for a family.
It’s named after Thalawila – a nearby village -home to St. Anne’s Church that hosts the island’s biggest Catholic festival every August. Not only that, but it’s the perfect pitch for a little party on the Alankuda Beach.

We at Alankuda Beach Yoga Retreat are suckers for strong showers and Samara’s striking waterfalls in each of the bedrooms makes for an invigorating soak. Whether you’re bathing in sunshine or moonlight, the effect is mesmerizing and totally romantic. The gush of water pouring over you is the perfect way to cool off in the balmy air of Alankuda.

We’ve gone all out with the decor here -we’ve crafted our own lamps, used shells in place of taps, transformed copper bowls into basins, made driftwood into facets, illuminated stones in the garden and moulded cubbyholes for storing your goodies. Thala’s bathrooms are super extraordinary – where else can you shower under the sparkle of a million stars as refreshingly cool water cascades from the height of a tree in Alankuda?